Is this my Dream Job?

7 Signs that the job you have right now is perfect for you.

1. Compensation, with a few benefits, of course.

The top consideration, in most people’s case is salary. Lets not only focus on that, extra benefits such as medical insurance, and perks, such as generous vacation time, are also valuable.

2. Career Path

It’s important to think ahead, especially if you want to grow within your career. Is the position you’re in challenging you or will the position equip you with the skills and experience needed to succeed over the long term? The most important factor would be opportunity for growth and moving up on that corporate ladder.

3. Lifestyle

Even if your boss might not know it, you also have a life outside of work and it’s vitally important that the right balance is maintained between your professional pursuits and personal time. For instance, travel time to and from work, the working environment (physically and mentally) and work-from-home options?

Especially since the Covid-19 pandemic, big corporations have started new initiatives to work from home and have found that it increased the morality of their employees substantially and other aspects of their business. To mention a few; Twitter, Google, and Amazon.

4. Co-workers

Getting along with your fellow co-workers can be difficult at times, there is a clear connection between employee job satisfaction and the strength of workplace friendships. After all, do you want to spend 8 hours a day interacting with people you don’t get along with?

5. The Boss

Just like in the human anatomy the head of the body, controls the functions, feelings, and motions of the body. Lets give an example, if you have a headache, your body just doesn’t function properly.

The head or management of the company also affects the overall happiness of the employees. In fact, a survey by Robert Half found that unhappiness with management is one of the top reasons workers quit their jobs.

6. The Candidate Experience

Going through the hiring process or even mandatory training can be extremely overwhelming, so it’s important to have the necessary support to help you through each step.

7. Corporate Culture

Many companies today have distinct work cultures built around a set of core values that all employees are expected to embody. If you don’t believe in a company’s mission you’re not likely to thrive in the firm’s corporate culture.

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.

Is this your dream Job?

No job in the world, is 100% perfect. No one can be absolutely satisfied throughout their career. If you at least felt like you are positively experiencing more than 3 of the factors mentioned, then congrats! You are working in your dream job.

If not, it’s time to rethink your position and take back the power to get into the perfect job suited to your skills, preferences, and location. We at Ziyana offer you expert recruiting solutions that will connect you to the perfect job suited to your profile. Get connected with our expert consultant,

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