Covid19 Crisis – As we prepare for the phased resumption of economic activity

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Are we far from triumph with cases continuing to rise?

Lockdown was implemented to cut back the threat of this pandemic and by the look of things we are doing great as a country as different parts of the country are at different levels. We have a good grace to say as our government is trying to save the nation as we begin a gradual and phased resumption of economic activity, with the drastic measures to contain the spread of the virus and save lives, we are also doing enough to give the country hope.

However citizens are already frustrated with being house-bound because of this pandemic that has changed our lives in a very fundamental way. The good part about this lockdown is that there is a substantial decrease in domestic violence incidents and fewer crimes committed but most employees are anxious about their employment status and their household needs because the number of job losses could be substantially high.

As we are about to commence with the strategies that are implemented to ease the lockdown for the sake of our economy, some activities will resume with precautions and health guidelines followed at all times, some workers might still be able to secure their positions. Schools might also reopen. As a way to reduce the spread of the virus, learners are to be screened and get tested which could also help to flatten the curve faster.

Corona virus can be defeated if the country unites and stays home, victory with honor is on the way, it is possible to speed up this lockdown and skip levels because after all life has to go on no matter what.

So let’s pull up our socks and do better than ever before, even after we pull through this pandemic some precautions must remain in place like safe hygiene practices.

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