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What We Offer

We at Ziyana strive to provide you with people management solutions and services that will not only improve your company workflow but overall increasing of employee satisfaction and all general HR solutions.

Talent Sourcing & Payroll

We are a leading provider of scalable talent sourcing. We understand that each client’s talent sourcing needs are unique; therefore we tailor every talent sourcing project to the client’s specific needs.

Organizational Development

We provide advance strategies and solutions to enable an organisation to better respond and adapt to industry/market changes and technological advances.

Learning & Development

Offering you the best programmes, short courses, online trainings, learnerships, skill programmes and qualifications!

General HR Solutions

We offer various solutions aimed at easing the staffing administrative such as Benefits Administrator as well as vetting. We have an online payroll system which is accurate, secure and accurate. 

What Our Clients Say

Office Desk

Akhona Qengqe
Chief People Officer | KFC Group

With the ever changing business landscape attracting the right talent becomes critical. As a leading provider of scalable talent sourcing we have derived value in partnering with Ziyana. They understand our unique needs in talent sourcing and thereby tailor- making every talent sourcing need to meet our strategic objectives. We are fast and efficient and they have saved us money. They are also associated with APSO, a professional recruitment body.”