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30 October 2021

Divisional Head Administration & Risk Management

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Full Time

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Pretoria CBD, South Africa

About the Role

The main purpose of this position is to manage and oversee the Administration and Risk Management Division within the Financial Surveillance Department (FinSurv) to ensure the provision of an effective administrative and office support function as well as the coordination, monitoring and assessment of the risk management and internal control framework of the department

  • A minimum of an Honors degree in Accounting Risk Management, Finance, Auditing,  Compliance or any other relevant qualification and at least 10-12 years’ management  experience in an accounting risk management finance auditing or compliance environment

  • At least five years’ experience of managing teams

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Additional Requirements

  • Industry, business and organizational knowledge and skill 

  • Quality assurance knowledge and skill 

  • Continuous improvement knowledge and skill 

  • Continued learning/professional development knowledge and skill 

  • Knowledge of risk management and compliance 

  • Knowledge of corporate governance frameworks 

  • Knowledge of relevant policies 

  • Knowledge of relevant systems (e.g. SharePoint, CURA, Team Central, Excel,  investigative tools and/or IronPort Secure Mail System) 

  • An understanding of central banking and financial markets 

  • People management skills 

  • Leading change 

  • Establishing focus 

  • Driving for results 

  • Promoting team work 

  • Developing and growing others 

  • Service and stakeholder focus and 

  • Effective communication skills

Detailed Description

  • Provide input into the FinSurv operational plan which is aligned to the Clinet strategy and communicate and clarify the vision and strategic goals of the Client and  department to own team 

  • Take accountability for the development and compilation of the Administration and  Risk Management Division’s operational plan and budget ensuring alignment with the  FinSurv operational plan and Clients’ strategy as well as the implementation and  monitoring thereof 

  • Identify and mitigate risks related to own function and ensure compliance with  relevant governance frameworks in terms of legislative and policy requirements 

  • Develop and implement compliance-related campaigns to create awareness of the  importance of compliance as well as to provide FinSurv staff with knowledge and  skills related to compliance 

  • Propose policy recommendations to FinSurv’s senior management, the Client’s  executive management and/or National Treasury and make necessary  recommendations for approval including the drafting and amending of existing  legislation 

  • Clarify performance expectations and roles for staff within the division, prioritise work  manage resource utilisation and the quality of deliverables and control costs 

  • Ensure meaningful timely concise and comprehensive reporting of monitored findings  and associated regulatory risks to governance committees and relevant stakeholders 

  • Ensure ongoing monitoring of the department’s compliance with control frameworks and the reporting and escalation of incidents of non-compliance including following up  on agreed-upon corrective measures 

  • Support the evidencing and embedding of the regulatory risk management controls  into business processes 

  • Facilitate risk assessment and evaluation of the effectiveness of controls 

  • Review policies and minimum operating standards for relevance and effectiveness 

  • Develop policies procedures and systems requirements set boundaries within which  own staff members  

  • Work and ensure alignment with related functions and the organisational value chain 

  • Lead the division with set, achievable objectives and targets 

  • Lead and manage internal and external stakeholder relationships at various levels of  seniority ensuring compliance with the Exchange Control Regulations, the Currency  and Exchanges Manual and the Financial Intelligence Centre Act 38 of 2001 (FIC  Act) 

  • Manage the performance of staff and promote and support career management and  development 

  • Manage succession planning talent management and culture of the team in order to  improve performance and competence 

  • Ensure continuous improvement in the delivery and functioning of the division

Ziyana Business Consulting and Training Team

About the Company

Ziyana Business Consulting and Training is a fully integrated solutions provider dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service, and furnishing an enjoyable atmosphere at an acceptable price/ value relationship. 

We also maintain a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, which respects diversity, ideas, and hard work. We are 100% black owned and majority black female owned. We are an accredited training provider with Services SETA being our primary SETA. We are affiliated with the SABPP as well as APSO. 

Ziyana Business Consulting and Training is a people management solutions provider. Our business is people centered and solutions driven. As a solutions provider, Ziyana Business Consulting and Training goes beyond the call of duty to gain understanding of our client’s strategies, the markets in which they operate in and the skills they need to achieve their business objectives. 

We assist organizations develop their employment value proposition (EVP). For SMMEs and organizations that lack HR capacity, we provide a holistic people management solution. For larger organizations, we assist the HR department with specific interventions whilst transferring skills, knowledge and experience, supported where necessary by formal training programmes.